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Orphan Age is a dystopian life-sim game where you play as the children left behind in a cyberpunk warzone. Orphan Age will come for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam this winter in early access. You can also get instant access to the private alpha on Steam right now. By pre-ordering on Backerkit, you will also get an exclusive in-game content pack.

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Achievement unlocked: Day One
12 months ago – Mon, Jun 04, 2018 at 12:55:52 AM

The first day has passed and we're already approaching 15% thanks to you! Your support is overwhelming and we need to express our feelings with a warm, heartfelt THANK YOU!

Orphan Age: Diaries

Backers who have pledged for the Complete edition and above, you will find a campaign update with all the download links for PC, Mac and GNU\Linux! We hope you'll live an intense adventure alongside Farouk.

First achievement!

Have you seen the backer achievements next to the rewards on the Kickstarter page? Every time one achievement is completed, a bonus content is unlocked for all of you.

Guess what, a first achievement was unlocked this morning and here’s your reward: a Quest will be added to the Kickstarter exclusive In-Game Content Pack! This pack now contains:

  • A Quest!
  • A special Event
  • A character Trait
  • A unique Orphan

Quests in Orphan Age are goals for the Orphans, your bonus quest will require the coordination of your Orphans on a fan-service mission in order to achieve something great. Just like what we are doing on Kickstarter!

Congrats! There are plenty of achievements to unlock and some are really close to be reached. If we all work together, you will get more exclusive content in no time! Ain’t life beautiful?

Where to go now?

The second day as started and we are preparing some cool surprises! We will enhance the demo thanks to your feedback next week, meanwhile, come chat with us on Discord, we’d love to hear you talk about Orphan Age and Diaries!

It’s just the beginning of the trip, yet we need help in every manner. Please share the campaign, invite your friends, and take care of yourself.
All the love,
The Black Flag’s crew