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Orphan Age is a dystopian life-sim game where you play as the children left behind in a cyberpunk warzone. Orphan Age will come for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam this winter in early access. You can also get instant access to the private alpha on Steam right now. By pre-ordering on Backerkit, you will also get an exclusive in-game content pack.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Halfway there!!! <3
11 months ago – Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 11:36:25 AM

Finally, we have jumped over one of the scariest hurdles of the campaign and all the credit goes to you. Thank you from the bottom of our pirate hearts!

In order to celebrate adequately, we have decided to bundle a free copy of Yrminsul (our previous game) with the Complete Edition of Orphan Age (and all the tiers above)!

We are now aiming to reach 75% where a special announcement will be made. Meanwhile we have some incredible news to share with you!

We’re heading to the Gamescom!

Are there any German friends here who want to meet us in Köln? We’ll be there for the Gamescom in August! We’ll be in the business area but that doesn’t prevent us from meeting around a beer or a currywurst (how I wish we had those in Bordeaux)!

See you there friends. :D

Some more teasing…

We are in the selection for another best Indie game award, the official announcement will be made very soon but we wanted to let you know first and we cannot contain our joy!

Not only that, we will also soon announce a guest collaboration with a great artist on Orphan Age. Exciting times are ahead!

Some support for our Turkish friends!

We had the luck to meet the super nice team of Cbilab Studio, the creators of ManMade a game which is Cyberpunk to the bone. You should definitely check their game!

From a dystopian game to all dystopian game lovers! Proud to announce ManMade to all our backers. ManMade is a sci-fi thriller set in an AI-ruled world of the 2050s. ManMade is live on Kickstarter and doing well right now. Come and join the hype! Please, back this project. Every penny counts: http://kck.st/2LYlivd

See you very soon and feel free to come on discord to chat with us about this Cyberpunk 2077 trailer that was teased yesterday! 

Mid-campaign update: Building the trust
11 months ago – Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 02:23:13 AM

Two weeks to go and we’re getting close to those sweet 60%! We have a lot of great surprises planned for those 14 days so let's start with next week!

First, a new demo has been uploaded it should fix bugs and improve framerate plus support on different resolutions!

Program for next week:

1\ We will stream some Orphan Age goodness with you all. We still need to finish setting up everything before announcing it!

2\ A guest star who will work on the soundtrack will be revealed!

3\ A Orphan Age party will be held in Bordeaux the on June 22! It will be awesome with goodies, Indie games, board games and party games! Yay!

4\ We will publish the Steam page of Orphan Age next week with an updated demo featuring more fixes and content! The Kickstarter demo will be updated as well. 😊

Finally, we will reveal new backers achievements, but that’s not all the good news! 

Orphan Age is nominee for the Best Indie Game Award at the FLIP festival in July. On top of that Orphan Age went most viral post today on Imgur! The wholesome community of Imgur made us the top voted post in Gamedev, Indiegaming, Video Games and also Cyberpunk where we even beat Cyberpunk 2077! Who would have bet on that! :D

We also got a ton of let’s play and we are approaching 500 000 views on Youtube, Reddit and Imgur combined! That bring us to our last point...

Building the trust

Two times top post on Imgur, top post on /r/ cyberpunk, 74% upvotes on /r/pcgaming, 400 000 views on YouTube! Every time we talk about Orphan Age, people love it, whether it is the concept, they love the art, the music… The prototype still needs some work, but we hope it showcase great premise!

Why doesn’t all this love for Orphan Age translates into the Kickstarter campaign? That a question we have asked ourselves a lot.

Obviously, we must be doing something wrong, but reaching more a half a million person in two weeks in the middle of the biggest gaming event of the year means we are probably doing most of the things right!

I’ve spent the half of my night chatting with people on Reddit and Imgur and the answer finally appeared bright as the day

As much as people want to play Orphan Age, as much they have lost trust in Kickstarter’s ability to bring new video games to life when they're brought by unknown gamedevs like us. Over the night, I have read different reasons from “I won’t waste any more money on Kickstarter projects” to “I don’t believe this game is only made by two people”.

Trust us, that’s the harshest truth to take. I’ve been trying to make this game for nine years, I’ve never given up even when it was first cancelled, even when I had to fight to get the rights back, even when I was alone to make it and even when we had tough financial times. Orphan Age is a game I’m compelled no matter how.

Maxime and I have been working our best to bring it, we both have refused great work opportunities to pursue our dream to make this game and yet it seems to be not enough to build trust.

That’s why I want to thank every 575 of you. Your trust in Orphan Age is the most valuable gift. Be sure that we treasure it and that it gives us even more motivation to make the best game possible.

During the second half of the campaign, we will try as hard as we can to prove that we are trustworthy and this will be our biggest challenge for the whole campaign. 

Meanwhile, if you know anyone who would love playing Orphan Age, please share the love and help build the trust.

We will never thank you enough,
Adrien & Maxime

Oh la la!
12 months ago – Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 01:09:56 PM

Here we go for another update and another butchery of the noble English language! 

One of the big perks of being French is to appreciate how French is used in American and British TV Shows. Like a “Rendez-Vous” is so hype in American movies and shows whereas it’s a boring appointment in French.

It’s the same with “Oh la la”. I was just checking the page in order so see how things are going at midnight. And I said "oh la la! We are 5€ short of 11 000€"! Of course, Oh la la just means a big surprise in French, there’s no other connotation like in English. In fact, it is so common in French that we used to have the kids of Orphan Age saying “Oh la la” when they were facing a big surprise. We obviously had to change that because it’s totally inappropriate in English.

So, what’s on today’s menu?

1\ The Demo has been updated!

We have added 10 more minutes to the demo! Plus there are many bug fixes: QWERTY support, the workshop, the inventory and crafting should work a lot better now, and the tooltips have been fixed! We also have improved the support for non 1920x1080 resolutions (it’s still a work in progress).

We are already working on the next update so feel free to share your feedback on Discord!

2\ New achievements unlocked!

We have our 100th Discord member! Yay! Congrats to Discobox! We want to celebrate with all of you so we’ll host a live stream session where we will make a developer commentary of Orphan Age. We’ll also show how we work and answer all of your questions. We’ll talk really soon about it! Clear your schedule and prepare for the rendez-vous!

But wait, there’s another one! A secret achievement has been unlocked when two limited pledges were sold out. Your exclusive in-game content pack will be enhanced with a unique furniture to build!

3\ Leave your Mark edition

When the Leave Your Mark Edition was sold out, a few of you asked if it was possible to get it somehow. We have added a few more Leave your Mark edition. Grab it while they’re here!

4\ Orphan Age: Diaries

For all the backers of the Complete Edition and above, check the first update of the campaign, you will find your download links of Orphan Age: Diaries in English and French for PC, MacOS and GNU\Linux!

Speaking of which, we have shot the next episode of Inside the Orphanage, the second episode will be about Diaries, it should be published on Youtube in a few days. Meanwhile, you can check the first episode of the series

5\ Shoutout to our friends!

The nice folks at Talerock are making an awesome game and I have a big crush on it. It’s called Grimshade and it’s a RPG set in a gorgeous universe! Here’s a message from the devs:

Grimshade tells a grim but fascinating story about a fantasy world, tinged with a steampunk vibe, called Ree'Fah. Once upon a time people and Eleores, an ancient race of anthropomorphic animals lived there in harmony. An attack by supernatural creatures called Umbrages plunged the world into an age of war, and the one previously united nation was broken up into three warring states. The Eleores were on the verge of extinction. Many years have passed by, and the Umbrages have now returned. A group of characters which is led by the player is faced with a challenge. They must learn to get along with one another, halt the invasion and save the world from its impending downfall. Support Grimshade and help our team reach the target! 

Happy news are coming this weekend so stay tuned for the next update friends! 

Thanks a lot for your support, we hope you’ll love this extended version of Orphan Age.

All the love,Adrien & Maxime

Inside the party of the Orphanage!
12 months ago – Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 01:08:40 PM

Hi friends!

As promised, we have started the series Inside the Orphanage!

The first episode is focused on the history of Orphan Age with an exclusive focus on the spiritual successor of Orphan Age that never got made.


Second! We Invite you in Bordeaux on June 22 for an Oprhan Age Party!

Here is the link for the event! There will be playtest of Indie Games, presentation of Board Games, party games and beer! Yay!

Update in progress!

We are testing the new update of the demo which will be 10 minute longer with better support of all kind of keyboards and better support of non 1920x1080 resolutions!

We still have a lot of testing left, bit we hope we'll update the demo tomorrow!

Announcing the first stretch goal!

Maxime's PC is a bit suffering and is in need of more RAM, so that will probably be the first strechgoal #MorRAMforMaxime.

But before he can has his precious memory stick, we first have to reach 100% of the campaign. We are set to get to 40% during the first week which is awesome!

Thanks to our nearly 400 backers! <3
All the love,
Maxime & Adrien

Who’s up for an extended demo?
12 months ago – Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 09:14:03 AM

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday it was a very very busy day and we have so many good news to share! Meanwhile we have reached 25% of the goal within the first 72H, that’s so great!

4 achievements in a row!  

Yesterday, three achievements were unlocked which triggered a secret achievement: unlock several trophies in one day. This means four new gifts are coming, here they are:

  • We will add a special place to explore in the city to the exclusive content pack
  • We will also send you a wall paper pack for pc, laptops and smartphones!
  • We will also give you something that we’ve been asked for a lot: the demo will be extended by 10 minutes in the next update!!

The fourth reward is very special and has been unlocked by the 111 Youtube subscribers. Here is…

Inside the Orphanage

Inside is a series of mini-documentaries about Orphan Age. We will publish the first episode this week and we hope you’ll enjoy them. See you soon for the pilot episode!

A first look at the special editions of Orphan Age in all their glory!

We also have worked on the rewards and we have the first renders of the special editions of Orphan Age! We wanted to send them to you first before anyone else knows.

See you soon for many more updates, friends!Maxime and Adrien

PS: We had some let’s plays too, will post some more as long as they come to us! If you happen to be a streamer, be our guest and send us your video, we’ll be happy to share! Oh and don’t forget to kindly ask your favorite youtubers to give a shot at Orphan Age! ;)

(French) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhNYUVBmEtE(English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS87qWmghMA
(French) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoPx-TefynA