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Orphan Age is a dystopian life-sim game where you play as the children left behind in a cyberpunk warzone. Orphan Age will come for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam this winter in early access. You can also get instant access to the private alpha on Steam right now. By pre-ordering on Backerkit, you will also get an exclusive in-game content pack.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Delivering promises
11 months ago – Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 07:42:27 PM

Hey you,

We have promised a lot of surprises and it’s time to deliver!

Makeup and Vanity Set

We are happy to announce that Makeup and Vanity Set will work on Orphan Age’s soundtrack. For a lot of years, his music has been the unofficial soundtrack of Orphan Age. He is an awarded and talented artist exploring cyberpunk music for fifteen years while always reinventing himself and there isn’t a more fitting artist to make Orphan Age’s music in the world.

Here are some albums for you to hear:

Live stream

Every remaining day of the campaign we’ll hang out live with you on Kickstarter Live from 17H00 to 18H00 CEST (GMT +2). I don’t have the best Internet connection, but we’ll talk about the future of Orphan Age while I’ll work on new environments, new quests and new content! You’ll be able to see Orphan Age from the inside!

Here's the reminder page, please share it at will!


Meet you there friends!  

Along the Edge

There is a last important message for you! In the first update of the campaign the backers of the Complete edition and above will find their download link for Orphan Age: Diaries, but there’s more! The previous visual novel of the creators of Orphan Age: Diaries is on sale right now! Don’t miss the chance to get Along The Edge!  

That’s all for today, we’re at 91% with four days remaining. This is a close race and we’re preparing for the final sprint with more surprises coming tomorrow!

Stretch goals reveal!
11 months ago – Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 12:03:09 AM

There was a secret backer achievement goal hidden at 80%, triggering the reveal of the stretch goals! Here's the surprise!

We have thought about stretch goals a lot those past months. We have this huge list of things we’d like to add in Orphan Age but today we had to choose! I’m being dramatic, but the choice was in fact pretty easy as we had a clear fan favorite:

If we reach 30 000€, we’ll make a SANDBOX MODE!

In this mode, there will be no time limit, no campaign to finish just a ton of settings to fiddle with and an eternal warzone to survive in! You will be able to have a chill building experience or an hardcore and nightmarish warzone to survive!

The good news is that we have one week to get there and we're ont track to get there! :D

Oh my, what a family!

We are now approaching 800 backers! Tomorrow will be held a modest Orphan Age party, we hope we’ll be able to see many of you in Bordeaux.

There will be many occasions to meet as we will try to go to many and many conventions, starting with the Gamescom in August! We hope to meet you there too!

PS: If you haven’t saw it the campaign for Xenonauts 2 has launched, as a big fan of the original X-Com games, I had to back it. Seriously, check their game it will be awesome!!

The biggest step!
11 months ago – Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 05:43:35 PM

Today was a big day as we reached together 75% of the goal!

One big and scary hurdle is ahead of us: the final quarter. This is the biggest step to make and we’re thrilled and happy and humbled and a lot of things at the same time by this milestone.

Not only that, but today was a big milestone for my students too! They had to present their books and their projects to a jury during their last day as game art students. They had a scary jury to face, with artists and game designers from the teams of Dead Cells, Mother Russia Bleeds, Nightcall (check their E3 trailer <3) and on top of that: two wholesome persons from Ubisoft!

Guess what, they rocked it with 8.3/10 on average and I’m really happy for them. Their first step out of their student lives couldn’t have been better! Congratulations folks, hard work pays off!

Speaking of paying off, four achievements have been unlocked, so here comes the rewards:

  • An exclusive Orphan backstory
  • A gamedev commentary playthrough of Orphan Age
  • A unique item to craft
  • A unique food recipe

Oh, and the first child drawing has been posted on Twitter!!!Here it is in all its glory! 

Before we say goodbye, don’t forget the Orphan Age party on Friday 22 in Bordeaux! We have little gifts if you can come!! Thanks a lot for your overwhelming support! 

Maxime & Adrien

An update about an update!
11 months ago – Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 09:36:35 AM

Woooh! What a day! We have so many good news it’s impossible to sort them by importance. So I rolled a 10 sided dice and posted them in a random order!

Rolled 4. The demo has been updated!

We have received a ton of feedback, every suggestion has been taken into account and we have updated the demo and the difficulty has been largely rebalanced! Please download it from the Kickstarter Page.

But there’s more… We are planning a bigger update next week which will make playing Orphan Age even better. Feel free to come suggest us enhancements on Discord where we have published our bug tracker!

  Here’s today’s patch note:  

  • The needs are fixed, they grow faster and decay slowly
  • The environment value of a room is now more accurate
  • Fixes to some interface screens to prepare the support for non 16:9 resolutions
  • More useful loots have been added in order to make sure you can't be blocked due to a lack of resources
  • Some bugged objects have been removed 
  • The tutorial should be fully in caps thus more readable , goodby small text!

Rolled 7: Press coverage :

Some biiiig names from everywhere have written articles about Orphan Age! Here’s a selection of articles!

Germany: https://www.giga.de/extra/videospielkultur/news/orphan-age-cyberpunk-abenteuer-startet-auf-kickstarter-kostenlose-demo/

UK: https://www.vg247.com/2018/05/31/orphan-age-life-management-sim-twist-in-cyberpunk-dystopia/ Russia: https://stopgame.ru/newsdata/34786

USA: https://venturebeat.com/2018/05/31/orphan-age-shows-a-dystopia-where-children-have-been-left-behind/

Here’s for a short selection! We also had a couple let’s plays but we’ll make a full artcile about them in a following udate.

Rolled 8: We tried to post on Imgur.com

We have posted yesterday some gifs of Orphan Age, you know, just in case it peaks the interest of a couple people. Oh boy… we received some incredible feedback: 100 000 views (and counting!) ; 1739 positive points ; 135 wholesome comments (we tried to answer to everyone).

Orphan Age was also the top post on #videogames #gamedev #cyberpunk #outrun and top 3 in #gaming!

After 9 years in the closet hiding this game, such a warm welcome was overwhelming. What an outsanding night!

Rolled 9: Achievements:

No achievements have been unlocked today, but some of them are getting really close! Just 8 more Youtube subscribers, 48 backers or 4% more percent of the campaign goal are needed for the next bonus rewards!

While we're at it, we have reached 20% in 50 hours or so! We didn’t expect so much support, that's crazy! Thank to the first 202 backers who made it possible! It's only the first step so we're trying not to get too much excited though. :D

Thank you all!!!

I’d like to inform all of our backers who have pledged for Orphan Age: Diaries that you will find the download link in the first update of the campaign! See you very soon for some more exciting news and poor English!


Love,Maxime & Adrien

10 days to go!
11 months ago – Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 07:55:43 PM

Hi friends!

We are almost two thirds into the campaign and thanks to 666 backers, we have reached 70% yesterday. \m/

A new Backer Achievement has been unlocked and we have a super cool reward to unveil: an exclusive city to explore. That’s right, you will be able to explore a city made just for you instead of the standard city of the campaign!

In addition, we have added two new achievements, so let’s make have a recap, new content is on the verge of being unlocked:

Plenty of surprises still to come!

PS: Adrien will be with his students for their final exam at the ECV game art school of Bordeaux tomorrow but he promises the new episode of Inside the Orphanage will come very soon!